Business economics made comprehensible

Lacking a proper theory and encumbered with an inaccurate, verbal tradition dating five centuries back, business economics can be difficult to get a firm grip on. Unfortunately, traditional education in the subject has been a rather fruitless and boring occupation to many of us, but without a thorough knowledge of business economics it is hard to get on in today's commercial world and it can be a capital offence to accept managerial responsibility.

Eventually a new explanatory theory of business economics , the TANTALUS-model, has evolved. With this model business economics can be described in a strictly logical and comprehensible manner (considerably more inspiring than the traditional fashion). Even the mysterious double-entry bookkeeping turns out to be a simple and straightforward outcome of the model.

If you want to pick up solid and useful knowledge about business economics and accountancy in a short time, this book affords an opportunity of doing it.

Table of contents

The incomprehensibility of business economics.
A little about analogous models.
Busines economics conceived as an analogous model of commercial activity.

The fundamentals of business economics
The concept of a business enterprise.
Basic economic quantities.
Financial position of an enterprise.
Operating earnings of an enterprise.

Double-entry bookkeeping - an immemorial analogous model
Short economic culture history.
The inherent logic of double-entry bookkeeping.
The 500 years old registration method made accessible in a modern and exact way of expression.

The TANTALUS-model
Step by step development of a general explanatory model for the economic consequences of commercial activity.
The economic quantities and their interlinks.
Transforming real conditions and events into economic figures.

Annual accounts
The financial statement.
From bookkeeping to annual accounts.
Structure and items of the balance.
Structure and items of the income statement.
Incorporation of profit/loss and taxes into the balance.

Cash flows and financing
Statement of cash flows.
Financial analysis.


Business economics
made comprehensible

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